Chirimollo de Pollo

“Chirimollo de Pollo” is the title of the project, which tries to be between performance and installation. The identity of the project is based on the Andalusian culture, specifically in Andalusian folklore.

The artist Jesus Eloy, is the main character. He comes from Vicar, which is a village in Almeria. Roundabouts are one of the main characteristic elements in this place. That is the reason why locals like to perform rallies and drifting. They use the roundabouts to practice that sport.
Jesus goes to Antwerp (Belgium) where he wants to learn more about the roundabouts. The problem appears once he arrives at the city he realizes there is street crossings instead of roundabouts.

He decides to build an empire “ Chirimollo de pollo” with the purpose of breaking the piñata to get his free- dom.
What is the sense of making a relation between roundabouts and freedom? It is a metaphorical concept. Roun- dabouts allow us to circulate in a fluent way. Letting us go around them without having to stop. In the same way, he could say that feelings rotate in cycles. We can feel free, however this feeling can twist suddenly. That is the cycle of life.













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