Mr. Döner and Vivian

“Mr. Döner and Vivian” make referent to cooking tutorials video where you can learn how to cook.

The protagonists are Mr. Döner and Vivian. Mr. Döner teaches us how to cook macaroni with chorizo. Vivian comes to life as a frustrated character with life. She wants to become the star of the program but she doesn’t know who to do it. So Vivian is asking absurd questions to get Mr. Döner’s attention, it does not work. When the chef takes a break, she sabotages the food by making a spell to the macaroni. Then, “Macarroni” comes a life.

That character is base on a real experience. Vivian lived in an apartment under me. She is complaining about the noise that I produce. At a certain point, she starts sending emails to the landlord saying that it is impossible to live with me. After she called the police. But nobody listened to him, because it not true.


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